Single「Big star」


B 青木義治, Gt & Composer 竹形聡志

 大きな夢を求めてか、自らの成長が目的か、いずれにしてもにビックスターはその先にある。希望すると不安を胸に旅立つスペースロック!2015リリースのアルバム「Cherry Blossom Park」に収録された楽曲「Big star」を、シングルミックスで再配信。この曲は、バンドリ!X CeVIO AIが贈る、AI歌唱ソフトウェア「夢ノ結晶 POPY」の歌唱で、邦題「銀河革命児」としてもリリースをしている。「Big star」は、まるで宇宙の果てに向かって飛び立つようなエネルギーを感じさせます。壮大なサウンドスケープが広がり、聴く者を異次元の世界へと誘います。煌めくギターサウンドと重厚なリズムが絶妙に絡み合い、地球に居る仲間と交信を続ける様な魅惑的なメロディがクール。「Big star」は、夢を追い求める人々や成長を目指す人々にとっての励ましとなるでしょう。
 Whether in pursuit of grand dreams or one's own personal growth, Big Star is there, leading the way. Embarking on a space rock journey with hope and anxiety in their hearts! They have re-released the track "Big Star" from their 2015 album "Cherry Blossom Park" in a single mix.This song is performed using the AI singing software "Yume no Kesshou POPY," which was created through a collaboration between "BanG Dream!" and and "CeVIO AI". It has also been released under the title "Ginga Kakumeiji" in Japanese."Big Star" evokes a sense of energy as if soaring towards the edge of the universe. Expansive soundscapes unfold, enticing listeners into a dimension beyond. The shimmering guitar sounds and powerful rhythms intertwine flawlessly, while the captivating melody resonates as if communicating with fellow beings on Earth."Big Star" serves as an inspiration for those pursuing their dreams and striving for personal growth. Its cool vibe and enchanting melody, reminiscent of continuing communication with earthly companions, will surely uplift the spirits of dream chasers and individuals on their journey of self-improvement.